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In two distinct bodies of new photographic work making up the exhibition miil-miilpa Robert Fielding continues his work connected to the significance of elders in his community, their stories and their understandings. One body of work showcases Elders in his community through intimate portraits. The other explores Country through landscape images produced by experiments with UV exposure. 

‘Our people, our spirit, our languages, our song and dance are all expressions of the sacredness of this earth. This sacredness radiates through my Elders, in everything they do, everything they are, everything they create. It can be seen in all expressions of this landscape and its people. From the earth we come and to the earth we return. My work is a reminder of that sacred interconnectedness. Miil-miilpa.' - Robert Fielding

Artist: Robert Fielding
Location: Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria
Curator: David Hagger
Artist Representation: Mimili Maku Arts

Presented by the Art Gallery of Ballarat as part of the 2021 Ballarat International Photo Biennale. 

Photography: Art Gallery of Ballarat
August - October 2021