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James Geurts Resurgent is a force work, giving shape to an historic flood, when the long-entombed brick-lined Williams Creek tunnel burst in the overwhelming surge, reclaiming its original trajectory along the low lying catchment of Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Suspended in a moment of high-pressure flux and diversion, Resurgent evokes the tumultuous intersection of forces of nature and culture, conjuring the many invisible histories, archaeologies and contemporary functioning of these timeworn waterways. Comprising layered neon tubes, a singular archival photograph, and a digital photograph of the Upper Yarra Reservoir, which was uploaded onto a USB then soaked in the Birrarung (Yarra River) causing a digital abstraction, the work expands on the cultural and environmental implications of our acts of intervention, forming a wider treatise about the mythology of the flood and the fallacies of environmental colonialism.

Artist: James Geurts
Location: Void_Melbourne, Australia
Artist Management: David Hagger

Presented as part of the group exhibition Denouement held at Void_Melbourne.

Photography: James Geurts
May 2024